Hanse 455 Fractional Yacht Ownership - Current Scheme

Hanse 455 fractional ownership

Hanse 455 Fractional Ownership in Greece

Fractional Ownership, a new and exciting alternative to chartering or buying your own yacht. This cost-effective approach allows you to enjoy sailing on a luxury yacht, that you own for less than the equivalent chartering cost. Our current offer is ownership of a Hanse 455 luxury yacht.

This Hanse 455 will be operating in the North Ionian, starting early 2016. If you are interested in owning this yacht then we would urge you to get in touch as quickly as possible as available ownerships are being signed up daily.

Our fractional ownership scheme allows you to buy a number of weeks per year on board this stunning yacht, it's different to a timeshare as you do actually own a share of the yacht. The commitment is for a 4 year period and as a bonus we even give you a return upon your investment at the end of the period.


Not as much as you may think is the answer.
1 week sailing every year for the next 5 years = £3000 per year

This is an exclusive offer, with limited spaces so please act now. An initial deposit of £1000 will secure your ownership. Just call us on 0238 097 0845

As an exclusive owner you'll also have access to our membership benefits including RYA practical training on your yacht, perfect for introducing friends and families into sailing.


Buy in confidence with our Compass Share Fractional Ownership Scheme

Compass Share has been established in conjunction with The Fractional Ownership Consultancy (FOC), a business that over the past decade has successfully implemented fractional ownership on a wide range of developments. Compass Share has been created as a direct and equitable alternative to traditional Fractional Ownership, usage and holiday experience models. This gives a fixed cost sailing holiday option with the knowledge you own a share in the yacht. This is suited to those who want to save money in the long term, by taking a 3 or 5-year membership option. Membership is ownership of a yacht, however it has added benefits that allow you to organise your holiday needs to suit a range of locations on different vessels through out the year.